Let's Have Dinner & Talk About Death

How we want to die – represents the most important and costly conversation America isn’t having. Australian site now live: http://deathoverdinner.org.au/

We mean to spark the gentlest revolution-It is time to stop, set the table and have the most important conversation we are not having. Australian site now live: http://deathoverdinner.org.au/

Every doctor has one death they remember. For me, it was you


Every doctor has one death they remember. For me, it was you.

theguardian.com You had cancer and only hours to live; your husband’s last wish was for your parents to see you one last time

The Japanese Art of Grieving a Miscarriage


When parents lose a child, there are rituals to mark their grief. But when that loss happens before birth, it often isn't marked. Sometimes, it's barely even mentioned. It's different in Japan, which has a traditional Buddhist ceremony that many people across the world are adopting as their own.

nytimes.com We knew miscarriage was common. But why wasn’t there anything people did when it happened?

The New Yorker

One of our most popular blog posts of 2016: A poignant excerpt from Paul Kalanithi’s posthumous memoir, “When Breath Becomes Air,” about facing mortality as a doctor and a patient.

One Man’s Quest to Change the Way We Die


Beautiful. Featured story in this week's New York Times Magazine.

nytimes.com How B.J. Miller, a doctor and triple amputee, used his own experience to pioneer a new model of palliative care at a small, quirky hospice in San Francisco.

'I cried all the way home': Boy who asked for last wish dies in Santa's arms


“The telephone rang. It was a nurse I know who works at the hospital. She said there was a very sick 5-year-old boy who wanted to see Santa Claus.

“I told her, ‘OK, just let me change into my outfit.’ She said, ‘There isn’t time for that. Your Santa suspenders are good enough. Come right now.’ ”

usatoday.com Comforting the terminally ill 5-year-old moved Eric Schmitt-Matzen to tears.


ICYMI: One out of every four people living in the United States will die in a nursing home, yet #palliativecare is often non-existent in these settings.This is how we change that. What are your thoughts? #palliativecarematters



Claire is an inspiration. Remarkable.

"The people who have been through the most, are the people who have the most to give."

Follow her remarkable work @clarityproject

Claire Wineland has cystic fibrosis and is using her positive attitude and social media to normalize death.

We're thrilled about our partnership with Thrive Global, and also thrilled to have been in NYC this week so that we could pop into their pop-up shop. If you're in the Soho area anytime before January 15, check it out. It's a really unique offering that offers products and insights that can help you to thrive.



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