Liquid Alchemy

High vibration delicious goodness juices and tantalizing elixirs: mobile juice bar, catering to farmers markets, festivals, personal clientele orders.

Providing the spirits of health and wholeness while promoting a healthy juicing experience that revives your consciences with fine healthy delicious high vibrational ingredients crafted with skilled liquid alchemy and a whole lot of love.

Our dream / art has been using my extensive background in food & beverage industry, creating nitch in health conscious market with high quality juices, and delicious elixirs for mobile juice bar catering to farmers markets, festivals, personal clientele.

We wanted to steer away from other juice bars, by creating an intimate organic vibe between customers and juicetenders. No fussy marketing posters, gimmick items, photoshop'd pictures... etc. Everything we have is layed out in plain sight; the smell, the colors, the feel, the juice.Your lives, like everyone's, have rhythms. Feature seasonal farm fresh and organic certified produce locally as well as exotics from around the world, and fresh hacked Thai young coconuts. All elixirs are always alchemical custom created and made to order .

The pursuit of radiant health should not add new stress. If you live and diet like a Japanese Buddhist Monk, stepping peacefully into a needs little preparation. As they say “you cannot wake someone who is awake”. Just know that in health, as in life, you cannot give as little as possible and expect generous returns. Change happens with practice and dedication.

"The rhythms of your body and of your consciousness follow the patterns of your planet"

Jim Carrey Juice Weasel

Anybody up for a Monday Morning Picker-Upper?

(millions have seen this video, but sometimes it's worth another look...considering it's wintertime and a Monday!)

Oh yes...and there's a great Picker-Upper Juice tonic too!

This is what I made this morning: (juice this....makes for 2)

1 cup fresh Cranberries
4 Apples
1 inch fresh Ginger Root
1 cup (packed) Spinach
1/2 Beet with its Greens

**This is Tart & Sweet! Fantastic and fabulous for our Liver/Gut/Gallbladder. If you have any kind of tummy ache
or nausea, this will help us taken everyday for three days**

Jim Carrey Juicemania infomercial skit from In Living Color.

Guayakí Yerba Mate

If you’re in need of a major brainpower booster, or simply want to take our yerba mate game to the next level, then check out this recipe by The Vida Well x #Guayaki. It’s called Upgraded Bulletproof Yerba Mate, which is pretty much an incredibly delicious, supercharged version of a mate latte. Visit the link below and get ready to #ComeToLife!

💥 💥

#yerbamate #bulletproof #healthyfat

This perfect time of year for sweet potatoes, and I love juicing delicious sweet potatoes, this is a good reminder on why you should trying juicing sweet potatoes.

Blessing for your knowledge Jay Kordich / Mr juice man, and the very important nutritional information, best wishes to you both.. 😊

Thanksgiving Special Smoothie!
(fantastic to make this time of year)

Since Jay Kordich been home recovering, Linda has really been UPPING the organic fruits because of the fact they are rich in pigments/antioxidants that help the brain and interestingly, the heart muscle and valves.

She recommends add fresh Coconut meat (or organic coconut from Costco or farmers market).

Anybody interested in keeping our brains healthy (and this is what she is doing for Jay), we need to remember to use a lot of organic Coconut oil, Coconut Milk, Essential Fatty Acids, organic Fruits, Nuts and Seeds.

THIS is an awesomely powerful smoothie and good for keeping our brains fit, as well as helping others with brain injuries recover!

In your Blender: (organic please)

2 Frozen Bananas
1 cup: Blueberries, Strawberries, Boysenberries
3 tablespoons Cranberries
1/2 Coconut milk
1/2 fresh Apple juice
2 tablespoons Pomegranate seeds
2 oz fresh Wheat-grass Juice

Blend for about 1 minute on medium. Try not to blend too quickly...too much friction destroys essential nutrients!

-Re-posted from Linda Kordich & Jay Kordich

Tech Insider

This ingenious sink faucet could cut water waste by 98%.

Are Cannabis Smoothies the newest health trend? YES!

Regular smoothies with CBD tincture in them..... 🍃 Six smoothie recipes to help boost your immune system, increase your fruit and vegetable intake, and enjoy CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Sports Drinks Are Mostly Pointless

Aside from sugar, sports drinks mainly contain electrolytes like sodium and potassium. If you’re not in the middle of a marathon, you don’t need an extra dose of electrolytes. You get plenty of them from the food you eat, and arguably, when it comes to sodium, a lot of us already get too much. Sports drinks seem like they should be healthy. Athletes endorse them, and they don’t have the same “liquid candy” reputation as the Pepsi a few shelves over. But how helpful are they to serious and casual exercisers? Not very, it turns out.


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