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Videos by Pegasus Pizza in Seattle. Best Pizza Everrrr!!

We walked by the morning pile of tomatoes and felt compelled to record the goodness.

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Thursday! Almost there West Seattle! The ovens are warmed up.. the pepperoni has been sliced, the cheese has been graded (A+), the garlic bread has been buttered and the veggies have been chopped. It's PIZZA TIME!!

Santa at Pegasus

Pegasus Pizza Santa 2016
Zechariah Valette and Santa at Pegasus!!! #hurrydown #westseattle #alki #santa

Pegasus Pizza on Alki in November
What a beautiful November day! Perfect day for Seattle's best comfort food. #westseattle #pizza #alki #sopretty

New apps and new drinks being debut at Pegasus Pizza on Alki

Bar opening night!!

Lunch on Alki Beach, Seattle Washingto
We do love our #AlkiBeach.. and #pizza. Even on a cloudy day, it is a great place to come and spend time with friends and family. What's better? Sitting next to one of our huge windows looking over the sound, nice and warm enjoying some of #Seattle's best comfort food. Even if you don't want to come down and stay with us, call us for takeout (206) 932-4849 or visit the website for delivery.

Pegasus Pizza 4.28.2016

Hooking up the sign
We were very excited when these guys rolled up. Come on down and watch them attach our sign!

#Seattle, tomorrow is a HUGE game for the #Hawks. One way to calm your nerves and satisfy the hunger of the folks coming over for the game is to get a Pegasus #Pizza or BIG salad delivered right to your door! Give us a call at (206) 932-4849 or order online at

Santa's chair is set up. Chapters Photography is set up and ready to capture your memories with the 2015 Alki Santa! All photos will be directly uploaded to our page and ready to share with everyone! Remember, you can download these photos and use them as Christmas cards! What a great deal! #Santa #Christmas #dinnerwithsanta

Alki Beach Birds Having Fun
Everyone has fun on the beach... even the birds #alki #littlebreezy

Thanks to Rob from Chapters Photography for all the great work this year! Being a Santa photographer isn't easy. :) #pegasus #santa

Santa is coming! We are ready for him! Come on down!!! #santa #pictures #alki

We are excited..
You can tell what we are thinking about this week...

From Beach to Toppings
Clouds moving in the next couple of days.. time to come down to the beach and get your favorite comfort food.. it wasn't this morning.. we took this video this morning.. from the beach to the toppings... :) See you down at Pegasus!

We walked by the morning pile of tomatoes and felt compelled to record the goodness.

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