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Videos by Yen Wor Village in Seattle. The official page for Yen Wor Village and Pagoda Room, West Seattle. Open from 3pm-2am daily. Like us for information on events and promotions.

Nick, Britt, and Raina wanna dance with somebody. Friday night karaoke fun!

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I want to see his band for show, but, years gone by, never make it, here you go , Mondays night of action! ♡ you Brent Amacher !!!

Going on and on ! My wonderful dancers ♡ya !!!

When a singer start to sing a song, what they want to see ? Support! Got & attention! View this again

Partying now, haven fun for modays night; )

Can you play that again?

small girl and big voice !!!

Sunday night, Anders and Wendy make all the friends feeling well come ? Check on the stage now !!!

This music 100% make people get up to the dance floor ! Every single time ...

Right now, dancing.

Wow Jason , See how many friends support !

I want to plan my birthday party in the Yen Wor . Said by a girl first time visit...

This one is great dance show too !

Johnny , Jason , Sly and many good singer haven show last Saturday night...

Was Fun to sing & dance and meet new friends in the yenworvillage on Wedsday night ;)

Enjoy Chinese food in the Thursday evening , got fall of energy and fun with KJ ANDERS and BARTENDER WENDY . They are celebrated our friend - keith's birthday, old KJ (who host corner in) Christopher Mychael was in charge for the party !!!

Having fun in the long weekend night with Anders Daniel melgar and Kelly & Jennifer; )

Partying of yenworvillage for Valentine's right now, we are doing a raffle on the top of each hour for fun mystery prizes and yen wor merchandise! !

Valentine's Day coming soon I would like to share Chinese Baris dance show for all my Yen wor Village friends , wish you all having a good Valentine's Day. Also, at that night, we going to have a special party for karaoke time, please come check it out .

Fun times on a Friday Night.

Nick, Britt, and Raina wanna dance with somebody. Friday night karaoke fun!

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